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 Completely change the colour of your car with a full vinyl wrap. Or simply change the look of your vehicle with a partial wrap by wrapping one or more panels on the vehicle, without providing full coverage.  Such as roof, hood, mirrors, chrome blackouts, custom graphics and much more.

Vinyl wrap is an excellent way to add a personal touch to your vehicle in a unique and non-permanent way. It is completely removable without damage to OEM paint and is a form of paint protection from light scratches, harmful UV rays and other elements. 
We are an Avery Dennison Certified Wrap Shop. The highest level of certification specifically for colour change wraps, and notorious for having the most rigorous certification test in the industry. Along with 8 years of vinyl wrap experience we provide quality and confidence in every wrap that leaves our shop. 




Every wrap is unique and priced according to multiple factors. Variables such as vehicle size, complexity, paint condition, material cost, time, body kits, and any additionals may influence the price.


Contact us for a more comprehensive quote for your specific vehicle.

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